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Landscape vision by client that we at KM Services brought alive with the use of plants such as Bromeliads, Schefflera, Croton Petra, Croton Magnificent, Plumbago’s and Ixoras to create their personal jungle in their backyard. Complements to our garden gorgeous Turtle statue for standing out in this landscape. All can be found at KM Services.


Hedges anyone? Everyone loves a hedge that can provide security and a pop of color. Here in this client’s property, you can see the use of the beautiful Ixora reds to provide both security and beauty as it lines each walkway.

Tree Transplanting

KM Services truly has the capability to make all your landscaping and exterior dreams come true. Here we are unearthing and transplanting a glorious Mango tree to join a garden of fruit trees to complete the client’s vision.

Plant Rentals

Plant Rentals are also some of our favorite client jobs as we get to continue to nurture the plant while you the customer enjoy its beauty in your personal space. Featured here is the Xanadu Philodendron in a Plant Rental at one of our local commercial client’s location.

Palms and Mulch

If you’ve ever wanted to look out at your garden and see majestic palms then this project is for you. Here we have the European Fan Palms replanted and properly mulched to create not only a picturesque view but promote plant health by the mulch reducing the amount of water that evaporated from the soil.